Announcements / Upcoming Events

   We welcome you to our church. We have exciting ministries for everyone!
  1. On January 13, we launched Christian Service Brigade, a new program geared towards children and young people. If you have children between 8 -18 years old, please encourage them to attend. Classes are held at 8:00 PM every Friday night. Registration fees are waived at this time.

  2.          Ages   8 to 11  - Stockade
             Ages 12 to 18  - Battalion

  3. August 7-11. Vacation Bible School. We thank the Lord for another successful year. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents for bringing their children to our summer program. Also, we thank countless of our church volunteers who worked tirelessly, in unity and with excellence.

  4. November 26. Thanksgiving Sunday Service. Come and join us in giving thanks to the Lord. Aside from the proclamation of God's Word, our choir and children will be presenting musical numbers. We invite you to stay after service for a special thanksgiving feast.

  5. December 24. Christmas Sunday Service. Come and join us in this celebration of the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Aside from the proclamation of God's Word, there will be presentation from our choir, children and young people. We invite you to stay after service for a special Christmas meal.

  6. November 13-20. Operation Christmas Child. We are collecting gift boxes for children in poor countries. Through these Christmas gifts, the good news about our Lord Jesus Christ is shared to these children. Please come and join us in this outreach to children in need. If you have any question, please contact us.


   我們歡迎您到我們的教會。 我們有以下令人興奮的事工:
  1. 1月13日起,我們每週五晚上8點舉行「基督教服務隊」青少年團契。 如果有8-18歲的孩子,請鼓勵他們參加。此時可免註冊費。

               8至11歲 - 砦栅班
             12至18歲 - 陣營班

  2. 8月7至11日。 暑期聖經班。感謝主再給我們一次 成功的暑期聖經班。我們想藉此機會感謝所有帶孩子來參加夏令營的家長們。此外,我們非常感謝教會無數的志願者不懈努力,團結合作,精益求精。

  3. 11月26日。 感恩節主日崇拜會。 除了神話語的宣講,還有詩班和兒童的音樂節目。請來跟我們一起感謝讚美主。會後,請留步參加特別感恩愛筵。

  4. 12月24日。 聖誕節主日崇拜會。請跟我們一起慶祝救主耶穌基督的降臨。 除了宣揚上帝的話語之外,詩班、兒童們、和青少年人會提供特別節目。會後,請留步參加特別聖誕聚餐。

  5. 11月13至20日。 聖誕鞋盒活動。我們將於11月13日至20日為貧窮國家的兒童收集聖誕禮品盒。願神使用這些禮物感動世界各地的孩子們和他們的家庭,使他們有機會聽到主耶穌基督愛世人的福音。 請參加這次向貧乏兒童的 事工。如果有任何問題,請您跟我們聯絡