Words from the Pastor

We are a church dedicated to glorify God in:

  1. Our worship. Our worship is centered on God and His mighty works. We proclaim the Word of God in relevant and practical ways that people can identify with. We use exegesis & expository method in communicating God's Word. To make the Word of God clear and understandable, we use power point in proclaiming God's message to people of today.

  2. Our Sunday School. We teach children the treasures of the Word of God. We always pray that they will remember the promises of God when they become adults.

  3. Our fellowship. After worship service, we have lunch fellowship (koinonia) together. This is a reminder that we are one in Christ, and we have to care for one another and be united in love.

  4. Our prayer meeting. We pray for the needs for our church and the needs of individuals.

  5. Our Bible study. We have a more in-depth study of God's Word with emphasis on the application to our daily living.

  6. Our outdoor activities. In summer, we go out to build our relationship. We go hiking, picnic and canoeing.

  7. Our Vacation Bible School. We have a successful Vacation Bible School every year. The kids learn to respect authority (parents, grandparents, great grandparents, etc), to serve others, to be responsible, to think of others, and as important to learn God's love and God's truth.

  8. Pastoral ministry. The pastor is present for his congregants. We are together in times of rejoicing and victory, and in times of pain, suffering and sorrow.
I invite you to join us in building up the church of God, to experience the presence, the victory and the love of God in your daily lives.

God bless you!

Pastor Stephen Lim

Christian Evangelical Church in Livingston



  1. 敬拜: 我們的敬拜著重上帝和祂大能的作為。我們宣講上帝的話語使人能應用在生活 上。我們用釋經及解經方法以傳達上帝的話語。我們藉著投影片(power point)方式 使上帝的信息更清楚明瞭。

  2. 主日學: 我們教導孩子們上帝寶貴的話語 ─ 聖經,並且祈望他們能牢記上帝的應許 長大成人。

  3. 團契: 崇拜後有午餐愛筵,藉此提醒我們在主裡合一,並且彼此關懷和睦相愛。

  4. 禱告會: 我們為著教會及個人的需要禱告。

  5. 查經: 我們注重研讀聖經,並如何應用在生活上。

  6. 戶外活動: 我們在夏天時會組織徒步旅行、野餐並划船,為建立美好關係,。

  7. 暑期聖經班: 我們每年主辦成功的暑期聖經班。小孩子學習尊敬長輩們、服事他 人、盡責任,為別人著想,重要是學習上帝的愛和真理。

  8. 牧養: 牧者陪同會友在喜樂、得勝、痛苦和憂傷時都在一起。
我邀請您與我們一同來建立上帝的教會,經歷上帝在我們日常生活中的同在、得勝及 慈愛。